Suggestions for impacting culture

Have you ever felt concerned about the ever-present reduction of moral values in the world around us? Maybe you have even wondered what a positive Christian response might look like. I know I have. In fact, I have come up with a few ideas that I want to share.

  1. Evangelize. Without a doubt, the single greatest way to impact our culture for good is to share our faith through word and deed. As the number of faithful Christians increases, the surrounding culture cannot help but be transformed.
  1. Pray. The Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing (1 Thess. 5:17). The prevailing culture is certainly worthy of our prayers.
  1. Support Christian owned and operated businesses. If you are upset that Christian values are not being upheld by the businesses you frequent, perhaps it is time to start spending your money with those holding similar values. Now, this does not mean business should be conducted with someone simply because he or she has a fish or some other symbol of the faith on their car or business card. Anybody can pick up a sticker and slap it onto their car. In fact, a business owner may even be a church going person, while at the same time holding entirely secular values. It is imperative that the body of Christ identify and support businesses that are owned by faithful Christians. If the good or service needed is not available from such a business, at the very least we should do commerce with establishments that are sympathetic to Christian values. To this end, I encourage you to check out the Faith Driven Consumer Index.
  1. Support Christian entertainment. This goes along with supporting Christian owned businesses, but it can extend further. For instance, a secular film maker may produce a movie about part of the Bible that is faithful to the text, or a family friendly film with values that are in line with those espoused in Scripture. In this case, supporting that film would send the message that such products are desired by the viewing public and profitable to the film company. Even more, I believe it is important for Christians to support entertainment companies that are owned and operated by our brothers and sisters in Christ. People often complain about the lackluster quality of Christian films while at the same time giving all of their entertainment dollars to secular companies that propagate an unbiblical worldview. Imagine the quality of Christian movies that could be produced if they enjoyed the multi-million dollar opening weekends that so many secular films do. To this end, I want to share with you a few of the options available for your viewing pleasure. For streaming video, you can use, PureFlix, the Dove Channel, the Trinity Broadcast Network, or the National Religious Broadcasters to name a few. For streaming audio, there are numerous radio stations available on the internet.  As far as subscription based services go, there is only one that I am aware of: The Overflow.
  1. Be active in the political process. In other words, vote. I am not advocating for a particular political party, but for an active Christian witness in the constituency. In the American political system elected officials represent the people within a certain geographic area. If the politician you support does not share values similar to your own, then let them know how you feel about that disconnect. If you are loyal to a party and are unsatisfied with the values of a particular candidate, then throw your support behind someone more in line with your values and beliefs. If this is still unsatisfactory, consider becoming involved and perhaps running for office yourself. You may find that this is the very thing God has been calling you to.

I limit this post to five suggestions, it is simply a starter and not exhaustive. The last three of these suggestions do take into account the fact that money drives a lot of decisions in our society, entertainment has an enormous impact on shaping values, and the political process is the way our government hears our voices. Again, this list is not exhaustive and you may have some ideas that are worth sharing and would be profitable for a brother or sister in Christ struggling with how best to impact our culture.

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