The Old Testament City of Lachish


It may not look like much from this picture (notice the size of the hill compared to the trash can in the front of the picture), but at one time the fortified city on the hill was one of the three most important citites in Judah.  The city is located to the southwest of Jerusalem and overlooks a large area known as the Shephelah.  Here are a few fast facts about Lachish:

  • Prior to the conquest of the Israelites, Lachish was occupied by Amorites (Josh 10:5).
  • Lachish was conquered by the Israelites under the leadership of Joshua (Josh 10:31–32).
  • Lachish was rebuilt by King Rehoboam of Judah so that it would function as a defensive city (2 Chron 11:9; see also Jer 34:7)
  • King Amaziah of Judah fled from a palace coup in Jerusalem to Lachish.  However, those who sought him killed him at Lachish (2 Kgs 14:9; 2 Chron 25:27)
  • King Sennacherib of Assyria laid siege to, and conquered, Lachish in 701 BC (2 Chron 32:9).  King Sennacherib had his victory over Lachish memorialized in a series of stone reliefs at his palace in Nineveh.
  • King Sennacherib encamped at Lachish while he laid siege to Jerusalem (2 Kgs 18:14, 17; Isa 36:2)
  • King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon laid siege to Lachish (Jer 34:7) – he would eventually conquer the city of Lachish
  • The Israelites reoccupied Lachish during the time of Nehemiah (Neh 11:30)


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