Note: This is not an exhaustive list.  I will continue to update this page as I become aware of quality resources.

Abeka Academy: This program has both traditional and accredited options.  The accredited program can be accomplished through the use of DVD’s or streaming video.  There are teacher’s manuals that detail each day’s lesson plans.  Certain assignments must be mailed to Abeka for record keeping.  The program is demanding and does not have the freedom that some may desire.

Abeka Book: Abeka has been publishing homeschool books for quite some time.  While Abeka Academy offers a virtual school and the option of an accredited program, Abeka Book publishes and sales the books needed for the traditional homeschool family.

Liberty Academy Online: The school is connected to Liberty University and brings a lot to the table for homeschooling families.  It is an accredited program and high school students are afforded the opportunity of dual enrollment with Liberty University.

The Old Schoolhouse Magazine: A magazine filled with ideas and helps for homeschooling families.

Home School Legal Defense Association: If you are going to homeschool, then you should certainly consider getting connected with the HSLDA.  They are very well known for their work on behalf of homeschoolers.  I have known families that have used their services and were very pleased with the outcome.

Apologia: Apologia produces very nice quality curriculum.  In particular, the science texts are well regarded by many homeschool families.  Books are not the only thing available through Apologia, however.  At their website you can also explore the various available streaming classes.

Bob Jones: Many people will know of Bob Jones because of the university.  But, they also have very nice homeschool curriculum.  Interested families can purchases individual books/classes or entire grade level kits.  Bob Jones also has video lessons that can be delivered in various formats.