Several of the organizations below do not yet have a fleshed out description.  As I research the websites more thoroughly, I will include greater detail.  The categories are Young Earth Creation, Progressive/Old Earth Creation, Intelligent Design, and Theistic Evolution.


Young Earth Creation (YEC)

Answers in Genesis: Probably the most well known YEC ministry.  The website is updated daily and has numerous features.  A scholarly online journal can be found at the site (Answers Research Journal).  The ministry also produces a high quality magazine, operates the Creation Museum, and is constructing the Ark Encounter.

Institute for Creation Research: Founded by Henry Morris, this ministry updates their website daily, produces a devotional and magazine, and has scores of articles online that can be searched.

Creation Ministries International: CMI has its origins in Australia and has been around for decades.  They produce a high quality scientific journal and magazine with articles that can be searched online.  The website is updated daily.

Creation Today: Though the team at Creation Today has decades of experience in the field, the ministry itself is a relative newcomer on the scene.  The website has a great deal of media available and is updated regularly, if not daily.

Genesis Science Network: A newcomer on the scene, the Genesis Science Network plays videos around the clock.  It can be viewed online or through a streaming service such as Roku.

Creation Research Society: CRS has been around for quite some time.  It produces a peer-reviewed scientific journal on a quarterly basis.  The website does not have the features of the other ministries, but the audience for CRS is more narrow focused.


Progressive Creation/Old Earth Creation (OEC)

Reasons to Believe: Founded by Astrophysicist Hugh Ross, this ministry is very well known in evangelical circles.  RTB teaches a Progressive Creation model that holds to an old earth, but not macro-evolution.  The website is updated regularly and had several great features.  RTB has numerous educational resources available at the website.


Intelligent Design (ID)

Discovery Institute: The premier Intelligent Design organization.  The Discovery Institute has several high-quality resources and updates their website regularly.

Centre for Intelligent Design (UK):

Access Research Network:

Biologic Institute:

Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness Center:

Truth in Science (UK):

Evolution News and Views:


Theistic Evolution (TE)

BioLogos: The leading Theistic Evolution ministry.  This organization seeks to harmonize the teaching of macro-evolution with Scripture.

American Scientific Affiliation: An organization for Christians involved in the fields of science.  They publish a scientific journal as well as a magazine.

Solid Rock Lectures:

Christianity and Evolution:

Old Earth Ministries: This ministry is neutral on the question of evolution, so it could fall under this heading as well as Progressive/Old Earth Creation.  The site has a great deal of information, but is not as nicely designed as most of the other ministries.

Old Earth Creation Society:

Perspectives on Theistic Evolution: